Race Reunion - Girls' Race at Choate (9/15/12)

NEPXC on the left, on the right, and in the center!

Addis (CAMP '11 & '12) coming in for the win!

Caroline (CAMP '10, '11, '12) coming in!

Samantha (CAMP '12), Addis, and Caroline pose for a post race photo!

Camp 2012 Reminder Info #5

Speaking of scanning, emailing, faxing, etc., did you know that if you have an iPhone or iPad (ver. 2 or 3) but no scanner then you really DO have a scanner. It's true! With a free program like GeniusScan (there are others, as well, and there are paid versions that don't have the little ads on them), you can capture single- or multi-page documents that can be saved as PDFs and then emailed to anyone. It's quick, easy, and very convenient. The most important tip I offer about this is to keep the camera PARALLEL to the object being scanned to minimize blur. It may take a little practice to get comfortable doing (there are even platform aids to help accomplish this), but this skill is something you may use more and more as time goes on, especially if you want to save documents or send documents to people on a regular basis.

Here's another potentially useful (albeit, non running-related) item: Evernote. If you use this free program, you know what I mean; if you have heard about it, but never explored it, do so; if you don't know what it is, you can learn about it at www.evernote.com (and all over the web). This program stores and organizes information in a way that is accessible on whatever device(s) you choose to use - desktop, laptop, netbook, phone, pad; Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry - and automagically syncs between all your devices. Evernote has been integrated into the workflow of students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and a broad range of business owners. While it may not be for everyone, Evernote is an extremely useful tool for millions (about 32 million!) of people and would be worth some of your time to explore.

[NOTE: I have no stake in either GeniusScan or Evernote; I just think they are important enough to spread the word.]

Please let me know if you have any questions about camp or anything else.

Run safely and wear sunscreen!


Camp 2012 Reminder Info #4

Whether or not you will becoming to camp this summer, remember that every runner should keep a running log and review it on a regular basis. The log can be as simple as a pad of paper or as involved as a computer program (there are plenty on the web these days). Personally, I use a simple form I created in Google Docs where the entries automagically end up in a Google Docs Spreadsheet for easy review. You can include whatever information you would like, but, hopefully, it will be relevant information that can track progress and indicate trends. I include Date, Course, Time, Mileage, Weather, Shoes, Sleep, and Comments (where I can add more detailed commentary as necessary); some people include more than these items, others include fewer. So, if you are not keeping a log (or journal or diary, etc.), please start--you will be doing yourself a great favor!

Also, remember that, as an endurance athlete, you need to work on your long run. Some people do them weekly, others every other week; I tend to advocate a long run every 7-10 days, but you will have to determine what works best for you. What's "long?" That depends on what you are currently doing for mileage. If your typical runs are in the 4-5 mile range, your long run could be around 6-8 miles; your pace may also be slightly slower so that you can get the time (mileage) in.

On the other end of the scale, remember that you should engage your leg speed every so often. For this, you may want to do a handful of strides (gradually increasing your speed over 10-20 meters, then holding a relaxed-yet-fast pace for another 30-40 meters, then backing off over the final 10-20 meters; form is of primary importance so, if you are being sloppy, then you should stop!) every 3-5 days.

Finally, a little documentary video was created by a runner as part of his class work called "The Real Maine." It highlights four male collegiate runners who decided to train together last summer and looks interesting enough to recommend to you (sorry, girls, maybe someone will create a female version sometime). You can check it out on Vimeo.com: https://vimeo.com/42523717

Please let me know if you have any questions about camp or anything else.

Run safely!